Self Trigger Point Massager
Self Trigger Point Massager

Self Trigger Point Massager

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Benefits of Using the S shape Trigger Point Massager


- Eliminate painful knots in your muscles on your own anytime.
- Easily apply deep pressure massage on hard to reach area of your body.
- Precision control facilitates stress and tension relief without drugs.
- Soothing, penetrating massage on a regular basis helps muscles recover faster from overexertion.
- Empowers you to achieve effective pain management independently.

Trigger Point Self Massager

Myofascial release, deep tissue massage, stress and muscle relief for your body

Trigger point massager is a therapeutic massager that allows you to apply pressure to treat muscle dysfunction. The S shape design trigger point massager allows you to reach all muscles of your body: neck, back, shoulder, chest, arm, hand, buttock, hip, leg and feet. With the special design, You can control the amount of pressure and determine the exact spot that you want a massage.
  • Portable for travel

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Ergonomic design optimizes leverage

  • 13 strategically located treatment balls

  • Safe to use in a hot tub or shower




How to use the handheld trigger point self massage tool:

The S shape self massager allows you reach each muscle from different angles in creative ways. Simply hook the tool over your shoulder or around your body and use the therapy knobs to massage and release tight or achy muscles. There are a lot of ways to use the massager, take a moment to experiment and find out what works best for you.

1. Find an area where your body holds tension.

2. Hold the massager by the handles or the frame so that the therapy knob touches the affected area.

3. Press the therapy knob into the problem area using a comfortable amount of pressure.

4. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then release.

5. Repeat this motion until you feel muscles tension start to release.