Mini Hand Carved Salt Lamp

Mini Hand Carved Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

When a Himalayan salt lamp heats up it absorbs air, water, and positive ions. Then the heated salt lamp releases those vapors and negative ions into the air that purify the air – increasing cilial activity to keep your lungs healthy and clear. Clearing the energy and air around you making for a noticeable higher vibration and pure environment.

 Himalayan Salt Night Lights are perfect for every room in your home. Each one of our Salt Night Lights is comprised of a natural piece of Himalayan Salt that is mined deep beneath the earth.

Product Features

• Comes with a 3 prong white adjustable base. It is very stable and can turn 360 degrees to fit awkward locations and make room for other plugs.

• 1 Natural Himalayan Salt Rock. Each one is unique and colors vary from pink to orange.

• 15 watt night bulb with candelabra screw..