Scalar Energy Phone Sticker
Scalar Energy Phone Sticker
Scalar Energy Phone Sticker
Scalar Energy Phone Sticker
Scalar Energy Phone Sticker
Scalar Energy Phone Sticker

Scalar Energy Phone Sticker

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10pcs EMR Scalar Energy Phone Sticker
Anti Radiation Chip Shield
They are made of a unique combination of more than 70 minerals found in volcanic lava stones that emit large amounts of negative ions, and can absorb, and transform up to 99% of the dangerous rays from mobiles, computers, etc. When the sticker is placed on the mobile phone, the SCALAR ENERGY strengthens the body's biological system, so it can better fight the dangerous radiation. So you have a double effect: Your DNA is protected from damage, your immune system strengthened, and the electromagnetic radiation is thus prevented from affecting your body. 

Scalar Energy stickers can be used in/on any device that emits electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) such as mobile phones, cordless house phones, electronics in automobiles, other microwave emitting devices (like microwave ovens), computers, video game consoles, electrical household appliances etc. Some devices will require just a single sticker, others two, three or more depending on the unit size and characteristics. 

  • Prolongs the life of rechargeable batteries 2-3 times. 
  • Makes devices (i.e. phones) charge faster. 
  • Extends the standby time on your mobile phone 0.5 to 2 times. 

Important details:
  • You can cut the Scaler Energy sticker so it fits the size of your device
  • For use with a mobile phone: Put the sticker on your mobile phone anywhere it is not in the way in daily use. If you choose to put the sticker on your mobile phone battery, remember to turn off the mobile phone first. 
Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation brings our body, aura and chakra's out of balance. At Govinda Consult we recommend many of the products on WAVEPROTECTION.COM in connection with our workshops, training, healing, and coaching. For example, we recommend it as a tool to balance our aura's and chakra's. 


Product Type: Stickers
Size: 50*33mm
Product Name: scalar energy anti-radiation
Weight: 0.9g per pcs
Material: special pvc and paper with ion
Energy: 2000-3000cc
Waterproof: Yes
Technology: japanese technology
Style: cellphone sticker
Function: anti-radiation for cellphone